EA v.s. Human

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Old 11-03-2011, 12:08 PM
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Default EA v.s. Human

EA v.s. Human

The past few days I have been studying on EA. Writing EA can automate our trade, and it can runs automatically all the time. This saves our time to monitor the screen. However E.A. is not perfect, so does human who does manual trade. I not sure what did the big player in forex market using (EA or manual trade?). My EA is not yet perfect. Here are some pros and cons I notice.


* Human have emotion, these emotions can affect our trade (greed, fear, attached to the trade, guessing)
* Human have guts feeling, this can lead to bad trade
* Human cannot monitor the screen all the time, thus will missed out some trade.
* Manual trade is time consuming.
* EA will perform faster than human (in certain condition, the price moves very fast)


* E.A. is automated with a set of rules. Sometimes there might be exception
* In different time human may have decision made based on different condition. EA will follow predefined rules
* EA do not have guts feeling. Some traders with many years of screen time have more accurate guts feeling.
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